Spring Digital Flatlays

Soo by this point you know we aren't your normal candle makers right? We like things a little weird but also a bit pretty.

For Spring this year I wanted to do some flatlays, harking back to our original Black Arrow flatlays back in the day when we first emerged on the candle scene. They used to look something like this:

When we designed our new glass, well flatlays became a little difficult because of the taper - and I don't have to tell avid photographers out there that getting your props together and shooting it all is a pain in the patootie. Enter Photoshop and a little out of the box thinking - and you got yourself some bright digital flatlays! 

So I took a great photo of the candle, then brought it into Photoshop. I then cut it out and made the glass transparent - then I went to town designing some cute scenes to go with the fragrances. The backgrounds are the colours on the label just for some added integration. Check out a few of the makeovers below!

Under The Black - Tobacco and Spices

Komorebi - Japanese Honeysuckle

Pana Cotta - Vanilla and Creme Caramel

Wellness - Pomegranate and Sage 

They're a bit fun hey? 

But looking at that original glass... we do miss it so. Maybe itll make a comeback! Who knows.