Marbled Candles Tutorial

Black Arrow Marbled Candle tutorial

Marbled Wax Candles 

I must get at least 5 inquiries a week asking me how I do this! The marbled colour wax is really easy, but there are a few tips and tricks which will help get you there first time. These make beautiful gifts for loved ones or even as a nice decor item for yourself - especially given how popular marble is these days. In the run up to Xmas there's just enough time to get your marbled beauties done to get under the tree.

Ok! So this tutorial assumes you know the basics of making a candle - the wax melting and fragrance adding is not covered here. We're starting right off the bat with our materials below and a special mix of Black Arrow Custom Wax.

What you will need: 

- Your Wax

- Your container (ok for use as a candle)

- Liquid wax colouring

- a toothpick or cotton wick offcut

Ok! Go ahead and get your wicks in and then get your colour. Method 1 - Drops - Carefully make one colour drop either side of your wick. Then get your stirring implement (wick offcut, skewer, toothpick - whatever works) and GENTLY move the colour around the wick. Less is more - as the wax is warm it will move long after you finish moving the colour. Small and slow motions are the name of the game. For best results wait until the candle has cooled somewhat - hotter wax moves faster and creates a cloudier effect. Cooler wax does not move as much and creates stronger colours.

Method 2 - Dip and swirl - dip your offcut/skewer/toothpick into your colour and swirl into the wax. Again, less is more. The more you stir the more mottled and cloudy your coloured wax will be.

Finished Product!!!

A bit of patience and a bit of trial and error go a long way to achieving great results with these type of candles. Good Luck!