Aphrodite 120ml Desk Size Candle

Aphrodite - 120ml Rose Scented Soy Candle - Black Arrow Candles Mythology Range

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SKU Aphro-120
Weight 0.40 KGS
Height 6.50
Width 7.00
Depth 7.00


Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess noted for her beauty and reign over love and sex. The red rose was said to be sacred to Aphrodite, she cut her feet on its thorns racing to the aide of her dying lover - Adonis - in the process staining the rose red... naww.. Gotta love Mythological reasons for things. Anyways - this candle is like a garden of red roses at full bloom. Evoke the goddess in your space or for your loved one.

This candle size is perfect for a desk or small room.

Tech Specs:

Glass - White traditional tumbler candle glass, non-food safe, not borosilicate or dishwasher / microwave safe like our luxe range. Fragrance seal and black screw top lid.

Wick - Traditional Cotton wick - lead free

Lid - Black screwtop with closure for freshness

Burn Time - Approximately 25 hours - 120ml wax capacity nominal

Size of Glass - 6.5cm tall with lid on, 7cm diameter

Safety - Apply normal safety burning practices - do not leave alone, burn out of reach of children or pets, do not burn for more than a few hours or if the melt pool is more than 1cm deep. Do not "run dry". Any questions, please see our extensive safety page on our website for recommendations from the global candle guidelines association (applying to all candles everywhere).